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Highest Quality Hat Size Reducers

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Our hat adjuster pads are perfect if you have a hat that is loose-fitting. They’re easy to use and successfully reduce the size of almost any hat.

Simple to Use

What Sets Us Apart

We are so sure you will be absolutely delighted with our products! They have a variety of different uses and are made of high-quality materials.

Can Be Cut to Shape

Our wonderful product is able to be cut if required to get the perfect shape or size.


Our products are wonderful for hats, but they have many other uses too! Read on further down to see the many benefits.


Our hat adjuster pads are available in two classic colours - black and white.

Easy Returns

No questions asked. We aim to please and it's important to us that you love our products!

Pads per box
5-Star Ratings on Etsy
Colours Available

Just £3.99!

White Hat Adjuster Pads

Our signature hat size reducer pads in white.
Pack contains 2 x 6 inch x 1/2 inch pads.

Just £3.99!

Black Hat Adjuster Pads

Our signature hat size reducer pads in black.
Pack contains 2 x 6 inch x 1/2 inch pads.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A Variety of Uses

Our product is useful for a variety of different types of hats, as well as other unique uses!

Just a Few of Our Wonderful Reviews

"I received my Hat Size Reducers in record time and they did the trick. Thank you very much."

It made my hat wearable... thank you! Great product and shipped quickly.

Christine W.

"Such a nice seller. These work great and I can now wear my Borsalino in Italy. Thank you."
Carole C.

Our Wonderful Product Will Fit Any Moulded Hat!

With the world opening up again and events going ahead, there's never been a better time to improve the comfort and security of your favorite hat! Your much-needed hat size reducer pads are ready and waiting for your order!

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